Secure Your Phone Even on Bumpy Roads

Ensure a 💪strong grip, ⚡fast charging, and minimized overheating issues with Zeptrix MagSafe Wireless Car Mount.

Snap and Go. 17x Ultra Strong Magnets 🧲

Multiple Mounting Options for Your Convenience

Better Visibility. Non-intrusive, Tilt & Rotate 360

Fast Charging Without Overheating. Up to 15w


Steady On Rough Roads

Reinforced Air Vent Hook

17x Ultra Strong Magnets

Fast Charging Without Overheating

Flexible Mounting

Fast Charging up to 15w

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MagSafe Wireless Car Mount Bundle

What’s inside the kit:
  • Wireless Car Mount
  • Vent Clip
  • Alcohol Wipe Kit
  • Manual
  • BONUS #1: Sticky Dash Holder (10.90 value)
  • BONUS #2: Magnetic Ring ($5.90 value)
  • BONUS #3: Zeptrix VIP Membership ($99.90 value)

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Drive Safely and Uninterrupted. Secure your phone firmly through bumps and turns

Steady on the Roughest Roads

Say no to loose phones! Keep your phone secure on any road with our reinforced magnet and vent hook.

Stay Connected with Fast Charging

Delivering up to 15W charging power to your phone, with a built-in 3200rpm fan so your phone never overheats.

Better Road Visibility

Stay safe on the road with a clear view for seamless navigation. It won't obstruct your windscreen and is easily visible in the dark with its subtle blue illumination.

Loose Car Mounts Compromise the Safety of You and Your family

If this sounds familiar, you know that purchasing the incorrect wireless car mount can result in wasting money and ultimately costing you more in the future.

Say Goodbye to Them for Good

Many magnetic wireless car mounts don’t perform as they should, because:

They don’t fit your phone properly.

They are slow charging, preventing it from keeping pace with high-performance phones.

They have loose and unreliable mounts, possibly leading to phone damage and frustration.

They can slip to the floor easily, causing dangerous distractions when you’re driving.

How it works


Designed for use with MagSafe-compatible iPhones and cases, offering fast charging up to 15W. It can also be used with other phones by adding a magnetic ring, which is complimentary with the bundle (while stocks last).


Stay steady, even on bumpy roads, with the ultra-strong 17 magnets, whether on your dash or aircon vents.


Stick this wireless charger just about anywhere in your car, including the dash mount and aircon vent mount.

More Than a Charging Mount

Zeptrix is more than just a wireless charging mount—it offers a whole lot of extras, including:

Snap and Go

Snap into place instantly with super-strong, reliable magnets.

Built-In Fan

Your phone will never overheat again with our built-in 3200rpm cooling fan.

Flexible Positioning

Stick your super-magnetized wireless charging mount wherever you like, making it ideal for hands-free calls and navigation.

Fast Charging

Delivering up to 15W of power, juicing up your phone in no time.

Strong Magnetic Force

With our double-action magnetic system, you can trust that your phone will stay firmly attached to the wireless car charger mount.

Better Nighttime Visibility

With its non-intrusive, blue-lit illumination, this wireless charging mount won’t block windscreen visibility and is easy to find in the dark.

Stop Wasting 💸 on Unreliable Car Mounts

Other Car Mounts
Fast Charging
Reliable Grip
Overheating Protection
Long Lasting Quality

What Other Drivers Like You Are Saying

Strong magnetic connection

I bought this because I’m a delivery driver and have used the same phone stand for nearly two years.

I need GPS while working and also use my main phone for chatting while driving, so it’s crucial for me to keep both hands on the wheel. The strong magnetic connection is something I really appreciate.

Zero stress, no more phone flying

So I got this thing for my iPhone 12, you know, the one with the iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe. And let me tell you, it’s been awesome!

The magnet is super strong, so I don’t have to stress about my phone flying off on those bumpy roads. Plus, attaching it to the vents in my Prius was a piece of cake. And can we talk about the charging? It’s been top-notch! Couldn’t be happier with it!

Handled like a champ

I went for a detachable magnetic case (Galaxy A01 Wallet Case) with a phone cover that acts as a big magnet instead of using those magnetic attachments for my phone. It sticks to the mount without a hitch.

So, I'm out there doing my delivery thing, right? Yesterday, I slapped that mount onto a custom wooden console on my dashboard. Even with all the bumps and jolts in my Freightliner 700, that mount handled it like a champ.

My phone? It stayed put, no problem. Even on those crazy routes with speed bumps and beat-up roads in trailer parks!

I liked it so much that I bought 2

I switched from using a vent holder with arms and a wired charger for my phone to using Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging. Now, all I need is a vent mount with a strong magnet.

After setting it up in my wife’s car, I easily attached my new iPhone 14 Pro Max with a MagSafe case. It works like a charm- just bring the phone close and it clicks right on! So convenient!

Outstanding airflow. Perfect for this scorching weather!

In a scorching Nevada heatwave, with temperatures hitting 108 degrees, I tested the charger in my car. Using Waze, it boosted my battery from 77% to 93% in about 30-35 minutes.

Not only did it keep the charge, but it also regulated my phone's temperature, charging it during navigation. When I connected my MagSafe-covered phone, it formed a strong magnetic bond instantly.

Here’s What You're Going to Get ($151 Value):

✔️ Zeptrix Magnetic Wireless Mount Air Vent Kit which includes: Wireless Car Mount, Vent Clip, Alcohol Wipe Kit, Manual

Value: $35

✔️ BONUS #1: Sticky Dash Holder. Mount anywhere in your car dash.

Value: $10.90

✔️ BONUS #2: Magnetic Ring for your phone case.

Value: $5.90

✔️ BONUS #3: Exclusive invitation to Zeptrix VIP membership. Be the first to get new exclusive product drops, members' only deals and more.

Value: $99.90

TOTAL VALUE: $151.70

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Can the wireless car mount be installed on other locations?

Will the vent hooks or dash mount damage my car?

Is the mount adjustable?

Will the magnet affect or damage my phone?

Will the 3M pad and adhesive leave a sticky residue on my dashboard?

How fast does it charge?

When will I receive my Zeptrix?

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