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MagSafe Wireless Car Mount Bundle

MagSafe Wireless Car Mount Bundle

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The road's unpredictability can turn a secure phone mount from a luxury into a necessity.

😲 Imagine hitting a pothole πŸ•³οΈ and your phone flying off, causing distractions 🚨 and potentially resulting in a missed crucial turn πŸ“

Get yourself a Zeptrix instead, and enjoy hassle-free drives with your phone always in sight, always secure πŸ’ͺ, and always charging FAST ⚑, right wherever you need it.

βœ… With its 17x Ultra Strong Magnets, your phone stays put, even on the most adventurous paths.

βœ… Speedy charging keeps the fun playlist going and the GPS active, and stay cool through it all.

βœ… Compatibility worries? We've got you covered with our magnetic ring for non-MagSafe devices.

Your road trips just got an upgrade πŸš—

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